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Denys Kladko

4 September 2023

Junior Fundraising Coordinator, UWCM '24

Denys is a current student at UWC Maastricht on a Career-related Program (IBCP).

His directions are Sustainability and Business, which led him to volunteer at the Environmental Action Group at UWCM. He is a part of the team facilitating the International Peace Conference (IPC) held in Maastricht every year. He is a passionate actor and presenter with up to 7 years of experience in public speaking and acting. He graduated from IT STEP Junior Computer Academy, where he gained his 3-year experience in Graphic Design and Video Editing.

Denys joined the UWC Ukraine Fundraising team in  2023. He is  devoted to supporting the financing function of the organization, hoping to help more young Ukrainians receive quality education.