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The national committee provides selected finalists with need-based scholarships that cover up to 100% of expenses. Due to need-based nature of our financial aid policy, after the third round of selections, applicants must send a filled out financial form to our independent financial expert that will access the family's ability to pay for their child's UWC education. The expert will not be present during the selection process and thus the results of the financial evaluation have no impact on who becomes a finalist. The national committee exclusively selects finalists on the basis of personal characteristics and potential; the family's financial situation is not taken into consideration during the selection process. After the fourth round, the committee first selects finalists and then asks the financial expert to provide them with financial information in order to evaluate the family's expected contribution. The national committee evaluates the families' financial status fairly and no family will be forced to give up all their savings to send their child to a UWC college!

Finalists may receive full scholarships that completely cover all academic expenses as well as room and board. Scholarships don't cover flight and visa expenses, medical insurance, and pocket money (on average, $50 per month but it depends on the college). If the finalist's family is unable to cover these expenses, the national committee will connect with the college and sponsors and talk to them about the possibility of covering these expenses. We do everything possible to ensure that all of our finalists, regardless of their socioeconomic situation, are given the opportunity to attend a UWC college.