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Selection process

Selection process

Selection timeline

  • Round I - between September 8 and October 15
  • Round II - November 19-21
  • Round III - December 16-18
  • Round IV - January 12-14

These dates are approximate and might change in the future. We will communicate the necessary dates to all the applicants via email!

Online application (Round I)

  1. Register on the UWC application portal and fill out the general application. This will help the system determine whether you are eligible to participate in the Ukrainian national selection.
  2. If the eligibility is confirmed, you will be able to access the application of the Ukrainian National Committee.
    • Notice that the application has multiple pages. Fill out each one of them!
    • Letters of recommendation from two adults are a vital part of your application. Insert their email addresses into the application, and the system will send them all the instructions. Complete this step as soon as you can as we need to receive the recommendations before the general deadline.

Rounds II-IV 

Due to the ongoing war and dislocation of participants, we are planning to hold rounds II, III, and IV online. They will include group work, interviews with UWC alumni, and discussions of global and regional issues.

Next steps

After the announcement of the results, finalists will have a few days to make a final decision about attending the college. After this, the national committee will nominate the finalists to colleges. Finalists are only considered admitted after receiving a confirmation letter from their college.