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Short courses

UWC Short Courses aim to popularize the mission and values of our movement to the wider student audience. The program is a fundamental part of UWC. Every year colleges, national committees, and alumni organize short-term programs around the world. They involve students from different countries, socio-economic backgrounds, racial and ethnic groups, religions, and cultures.

Many Short Courses have a format of a leadership summit, while others focus on local conflicts or the needs of the host country.

Living in the same room, taking part in the activities, volunteering, and learning project management techniques, the youth acquire the priceless experience of being a part of the UWC movement and later on influence the development of their communities. Starting in 2020, online versions of Short Courses are available too.

Criteria for participation differ by the program. Every year our National Committee nominates participants from Ukraine to Short Courses.

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 Short course in Belgium